Sudan’s path to democracy

Who would have thought that protests initially started against economic crisis will become anti-establishment?


Why do people need state’s consent before loving someone?

When you are a child you are taught how to differentiate between genders, you are not taught to see the person as a person but as a girl or a boy.

Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Hospitals can install automatic monitoring systems and drug administration systems, capable of providing real-time data to health professionals on the health of patients.

How farm loan waivers are doing more harm than good?

For a long time now, India has been reeling under an agrarian crisis. Low productivity, crop failures, meagre earnings are the common features of the agricultural economy. Earlier this month, thousands of farmers marched through the streets of National Capital. The discontented farmers demanded loan waivers and better prices for their products. Farmers in India, … Continue reading How farm loan waivers are doing more harm than good?